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Damper Type:
Damper Function:
Control     Isolate     Divert

Flange/Duct Dimensions: (Shaft spans width)
Duct Size (inches) Width:   Height:   Diameter:
Flange to Flange (inches) Kelair Standard   Other:
Damper Flange size and bolt pattern Kelair Standard   Other:

Design Data:
  Normal Design  
Process Temp. (°F)  
Ambient Temp. (°F)  
Pressure (IN./WG) Negative  Positive
Flow (ACFM)  
Velocity (FPM)  

Flow Media (Click all that apply)
  Air Flue Gas Dusty Solvent Laden
  Clean Dirty Abrasive Sticky Wet Dry

Allowable Leakage
  Across Closed Damper Vane      Control only, no seal
  Thru Shaft Packing Glands   Minimal   NIL   N/A

Material of Construction  
  Frame: Other:
  Vane: Other:
  Shaft: Other:
  All Wetted: Other:

Actuator Type:
  Pneumatic Electric Manual Lever Manual Gear  
  None (bare shaft)
Actuator Power Supply:
  Plant Air Supply PSI,   Voltage V/PH/HZ
  Modulation input signal None   4-20MA   3-15 PSI   Other:
  Signal Output (Position Transmitter) None   4-20MA   Other:
Actuator Fail Position:

None   Open   Closed   Last Position

  Fail Position is required On loss of electric only   Loss of electric and/or air supply
Loss of modulating input signal only.  
Actuator Source:
  Supplied by Kelair   Supplied by others
Mounted by Kelair   Mounted by others
Kelair to supply bracket and coupling only.

Additional Requirements/Info

Optional Accessories:
          Click on any of the following items which you would like us to include with your quotation.  Each will be individually priced.
    Weather Hood Auxiliary, Isolated, Limit Switches (2) SPDT  
    Inlet Screen Mechanical Visual Position indicator  
    Mating Flanges Chain Wheel  
    Operator Heat Shield Hand Wheel