Quick Ship

Your request for a quick shipment deserves special attention. We realize that unexpected circumstances happen which create special needs. Kelair Products has always taken pride in our customer oriented personnel and policies. Your urgent shipment requirement will never be considered an interruption of our schedule, but as an opportunity to assist you in your time of need and also to create a relationship for future opportunities which can be mutually beneficial.

Our standard shipment lead time is already among the shortest in the industry, however we realize there are times when “STANDARD” lead time just won’t do.  The feasibility of a “QUICK SHIPMENT” will depend upon the damper type, size, quantity and requested options. We have, on many occasions, produced and shipped our standard butterfly dampers in as little as 24 hours after receipt of the order and approval to proceed with fabrication.

If your back is against the wall and you require a “QUICK SHIPMENT”, give us a call and we will examine our backlog to see if there is any open production time sufficient to meet your requirement. If we have open time available in our standard time schedule, your order will be processed at no additional charge. If an overtime production schedule is required to meet your shipment requirement we can usually accommodate with only a 15% premium. Of course, if we do not ship on the promised date, you will not pay the premium charge.

Our damper drawings are computer generated which means fast approval or certified drawing transmittals via email or fax.

Your “QUICK SHIP” request  is always welcome and no one else can give your request more attention or consideration than Kelair Products, Inc.  GIVE US A TRY!!! We will never promise more than we can reasonably expect to accomplish.