Diverters and Tee Dampers


If your application requires process air or gas diversion, consider the advantages of a completely pre-assembled diverter assembly.

  • Factory pre-assembly means a simplified and cost effective field installation. Operational testing and calibrations are completed at the factory prior to installation.
  • The use of one actuator with a slave linkage saves cost and assures simultaneous operation of both dampers in the tee assembly.
  • Spring assisted actuators can be used to provide a predetermined fail position of the damper vanes. Proof of open/closed auxiliary limit switches can also be provided.

There are many styles and custom combinations available to meet your application requirements. Several common styles are shown below. Please contact us if you are interested in any other style or variation not shown.


Standard 90 degree or 45 degree lateral butterfly tee damper assemblies are available in round or rectangular configurations.



Combinations of round, square or rectangular.


Custom variations for special applications.

Single vane, flap style diverter assembly. This style has the advantage of an uninterrupted vane seal perimeter for tight closure and an unobstructed open port when the vane is open. It has the disadvantage of high torque requirements if required to change positions during full flow conditions. Consult factory for size limitation associated with your specific application and flow conditions.